Sunday, 25 November 2012

Fashion Weekly Wishlist No.1

Topshop- Studded Collar Military shirt. £40.00

Topshop-Santa Christmas slippers.£6.00.

Topshop-Ombre Geo Cut Out Earrings.£12.50.

Topshop- Wine Reindeer Farisle Socks. £5.00.

-Topshop- Lace Roll Neck Crop Top. £26.00.

 Disco pants. £30.00.

ASOS Multi-Stitch Jumper- £35-00.

Finally got my fashion weekly wishlist No.1 up. I have been really busy with my English course work. But I will always make time. I might need to skip next weeks wishlists because I got alot of school stuff going on but I will do a make-up tutorial because I might have a 'model'. Ooooo. Exciting. Monday tomorrow. (urrrgg) But back to my wishlist. So I guess as you can tell I am frecking out for Christmas. for my it's the best time of the year. So I've got the slipper socks and the socks. But I am loving jumper like I think everyone is because in the UK it is freezing and very raining, there's been alot of flooding here.  Lace is also I think I'm seeing alot of and I just think they look lush on other people. So that was my fashion weekly wishlist. I hope you all liked it. I think next weekend I will do a lush haul because I have recently got a lush voucher for £50! wooo! So I will be making a trip there as quick as possible. Thanks for reading guys, I will post again soon. don't forget to follow me on twitter. Chloe_Emma_Lamb

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