Monday, 19 November 2012

I'm baaack(:

I'm baaack!
So I have decided to start blogging again. Since I have turned 14, I love the idea of blogging more than I did when I first started- I don't always have alot of spare time but I will make time..which leads to my next point- I'm thinking of starting my blog again ( which you may have figured out from the first sentence but it was the best way to open my rant). To start off the two topics my blog will be about mainly Make-up and fashion related because being 14, make-up is so great to experiment with different looks and finding out what looks good on you and discovering how to use different types of make-up and finding out new brands ( even if, its not the cheapest thing to buy), I like to think of it as one for my hobbies( I like to think I'm good at it and have a few good tips, hehe.) And in the past year fashion has grown on me so much. I used to be so boring and just wear jeans and a plain top because I was scared of what people said but that's what I want to help other girls like me, gain confidence into what they wear and how to wear what they want but not stand out to much so people stare, because that was one of my main problems and still is. I see others girls looking at me, not so much in a 'dirty' way but more of a just glance and then I get really paranoid thinking they hate what I'm wearing ( and I know it shouldn't matter but at this age girls do) but there more likely thinking, ' I love what she's wearing, I wonder where she got it from or what am I having for dinner' stuff like that. So yeah, fashion has really caught my eye and now I'm becoming more confident in what I want to wear out and wearing the things I love instead of caring- but I not saying that everyone or even anyone will like what I wear but I will give tips for any type of 'style' of fashion to help you become more confident. So yeah, thats the plan I'm never going to say I'll stick with the plan but this time I'm here to stay:) Sorry about going on. But I hope you look forward to reading my blog. please do follow and speak to you in a weeks time:)I leave you with a recent photo of me and a glimps of maybe a 'dramtic make-up look' I guess. just a sneek peak:)Also follow me on twitter @Chloe_Emma_Lamb


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